Cybex Aton 2 Infant Car Seat Review

Cybex is a European based company that relatively new on US market. Aton 2 is one of the models that came from overseas and established itself as safe and high-tech designed product. As a European myself I have special feeling for Cybex baby products. The car seat I have for my next review is Cybex Aton 2 in romantic and unisex color “strawberry”. It is made for transporting infants from as little as 4 lbs up to 35 lbs and 30″height.

I’ve never owned a Cybex Aton for my son but always wanted to try it out. Tell you the truth I was a little overwhelmed as soon as I opened the box. Yeah, that familiar feeling, NOW WHAT?:-) This car seat has so many cool features that are quite DIFFERENT from any other popular infant car seat brands. It took me some time of reading owners manual to figure out Aton 2. I will start this review with unique features and how they work.


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- Linear Side-Impact Protection(LSP)

I absolutely love this safety feature. It makes a huge difference during car crash with side impact. Two plastic “wings” on both sides of a handle bar transfer the energy of a side impact into a shell. A shell itself is a pretty thick energy absorbing EPS foam with extra padded cover.


These protectors are very simple to use. They can be flipped out for driving and snapped back when the seat needs to be carried around(DON’T forget it, ouch!). You probably won’t find using it if the seat will be positioned in the center. One thing I admit as a person who often forgets things this feature can be compromised by rushing sleep deprived mom who simply forgets to flip it out. Also remember always position the Carry Handle in the upright position when using the Aton 2 in a vehicle. Otherwise you will have a choice of 3 different positions of Handle Bar.

- Load Leg

Another BIG safety innovation that Cybex Aton 2 brought from Europe. It is a metal telescopic bar on a base which creates a stabilizing leg when the base is installed. Load leg is created to adsorb and distribute  energy to the vehicle floor, in case of a car crash. It also prevents from rotation of the seat forward.


The easiness of all these features strikes. To use the leg, you simply need to squeeze the lever, and when it drops down wait for the click that will position the leg securely. Make sure it will be as close as possible to 90 degrees to the floor and doesn’t lift up the seat.

Dual Range Level Indicator

This feature designed for finding the right recline angle for each child. It is important that your newborn will be not positioned to much upright. So after adjusting the base foot simply check the level indicator inside.


Belt Tensioning Plate

I have tried both LaTCH and shoulder lap seat belt installations. In both cases the belts were secured through a special belt slot with lock off and release mechanism.


I was very impressed how Both Load Leg and Belt Tensioning Plate features allowed to achieve a very tight position of the base. It wouldn’t move neither forward or to the side! GREAT JOB!

Also you can choose to install your Cybex Aton 2 without a base. NOTE: Please read owner’s manual carefully before installing the car seat. If you still not sure how CORRECTLY instal your car seat find a local CPS technician here.

- Integrated Designer Canopy™  

Has two adjusting positions for sun and wind protection. The fabric is 50UV protected.



- Newborn Inlay

The Newborn Inlay helps to position smaller babies properly during their first few month. Worth of mentioning is the quality of fabric. It is soft, plushy, breathy and feels very comfortable to touch. My model, a 19″ newborn size doll, looked very snugly in Aton 2.


There are some Cybex Aton 2 features that are not so unique as above but very nice and worth of mentioning.

- Ultra Light Weight

CYBEX Aton 2 is one of the lightest carriers on the market . 9 lbs only! The secret is  the release mechanism which is NOT on the carrier but build in on the base. I was a little skeptical about it at first because I had some negative experience releasing infant car seat made with the same principal. But after testing it in and out of the the base multiple times I will admit IT WORKS PERFECTLY!

- Sleek Urban Design

For those parents like me who own a compact vehicle and live in a big city something like space in the back is very important. Cybex Aton 2 has round shape which allows to have more room in the back of your car.

Compatable with Maxi Cosi adapters.

This expands the number of strollers you can use with Cybex Aton 2 as well as convenience. Cybex also offers a travel system with Onyx or Callisto strollers



There are also a lot of popular strollers that you will find compatible with Cybex Aton 2:

Stroller NameStroller Model
Baby Jogger™City Mini
City Mini Double
City Select
Stokke® Xplory
iCandy® Peach
Mamas & Papas®Urbo
Bloom® Zen


Summarizing SPECS
Weight limit 4-35 lbs
Height limit 30″ or less
Carrier weight 9 lbs
Seat/base weight 22lbs
Base width 15″
Carrier width 17″
Overall length 26″


There are very few things that I didn’t like about Cybex Aton 2:

– The canopy SIZE. It is very small to protect from the sun which makes that UV50 protected fabric not very useful.

– The shoulder seat belt installation is not as easy as LATCH(as in almost every car seat that I tested)

– Manually re-adjustable harness


Cybex Aton 2 retails in different baby stores which are selling European brands. I prefer shopping online on Amazon.con(with free returns). The price tag is $299

Overall, I will give Cybex Aton 2 5 stars as it is one of the best infant carries on the market. Aton 2 made with an excellent quality and exceptional style. What do you think?

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